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Liza and Andy are available to give talks on boating and travel, whether destination, technical, inspirational or to entertain. Besides giving seminars at boat shows Liza gives talks to Yacht and Sailing Clubs, Maritime Museums, Dental and Medical Professional groups, Engineering and Business symposiums, the Commonwealth Society, Women's gatherings, Retired societies, Canadian Clubs, Public Libraries, University and College Writing and Publishing programmes, and at Elementary and High Schools, both to students and parent groups. With a Teaching Certificate and MA in Educational Psychology Liza has considerable experience in the medical and educational fields, and operating a publishing company has given her a background in business, as well as her knowledge of cruising the seven seas.

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Practical Cruising

Cruising for Couples
Like her readable text 'Cruising for Cowards', this talk is a realistic, practical A-Z of cruising for beginners to circumnavigators that has a knowledge base from Liza’s long association with other experienced cruisers worldwide. The seminar will have a particular emphasis on the dynamics of couples, crew interaction, boating skills required, setting up a user-friendly, low labor-intensive boat (particularly important when cruising into retirement), communication systems with the ‘real’ world and the crunch of cruising - living with your partner/crew 24 hours a day - all sweet harmony - yeah right!
Technical and Practical Preparations for Coastal and Offshore Cruising
Choosing the right boat and equipment for the voyage planned within budget limitations. Size, design and outfitting (re-fitting) for blue water -  rigs and sails: anchors, rodes and anchoring techniques; dinghies and life rafts; electrical systems and power management; engines and fuels. Weather and routing considerations when planning, charts & guide books; accessing weather and communication options; cruising costs and money management; insurance, boat and medical; safety equipment and strategies to practise; comfort on deck and below; stowage, spares and tools; pets and kids. Setting the date to leave the dock. . .
Creative Boat Organization Below – Provisioning, Stowage and Much More
A major challenge of living afloat is boat organization, storage and comfort, particularly when long-distance cruising. This session will focus on life below decks including provisioning and galley outfitting. It will also discuss safety features, chart-table organization, lighting, ventilation, berths and bedding, laundry, garbage disposal and many other resources that will enhance enjoyment of life aboard.
Voyaging Realities and Routines
What is it really like to be at sea? The many tips in this seminar about departure routines and requirements; routes and world weather systems; storm avoidance and storm strategies; sails, sail plans and chafe; on board safety rules and watch-keeping routines; radio nets and resources; cooking, cleaning, fishing, seasickness, guests and crew will turn a possible nightmare into positive memorable experience.  
Arrival Procedures and Travels Tips Ashore
The many tips in this session will turn a potentially frustrating, negative experience into a stimulating new adventure. Arrival in a new destination can be fraught with problems without preparation whether in local waters or overseas. General arrival strategies will be covered together with procedures when visiting a foreign Port of Entry, officialdom requirements, documents and fees.  Different resources for gathering local knowledge of cultures, language, food, finances, communications, inland travel, medical facilities etc: will be suggested along with techniques for avoiding possible dangers, security on board and leaving the boat for an extended period.
 Creating your Personalized Boat Manual
Boat ownership demands a compilation of details of the boat itself, equipment on board and your craft’s unique operation. Typically these details are never static with changes being made either necessary or desired. Routine servicing is also required and spares parts carried that are stowed in hidden places.  Often details are not documented or hard to find which can create considerable stress when systems break down and specifics are required. This seminar will give you the structure, with examples, to keep details organized in one place. It covers all aspects of the boat, its equipment and unique operating requirements and techniques.  Not only functional for all owners, this manual can be shared with spouses, with family or friends who are using the vessel and to compensate for an owner who is incapacitated. In addition it is a valued feature for buyers when selling the boat.
Cruising with Kids locally and around the World
Liza will share the joys of cruising with kids and grandchildren along with potential problems. She and her husband Andy circumnavigated with her three sons initially aged 2, 6 and 9 and have since entertained their grandchildren and step-grandchildren on board now aged 1-21 years.  Liza will discuss demands regarding age, activities, comfort, safety and health along with social life and education; also the benefits of planning events and providing resources that will stimulate an enthusiasm of life aboard for all.
Current Caribbean Cruising Routes and Destinations
The Caribbean provides a myriad of cruising destinations and cultures. All sectors will be discussed including alternate cruising routes across the middle. Suggestions on boats, equipment, weather forecasting, security and communications will also be included. Liza met her husband Andy met in the Caribbean, was married aboard the classic yacht Ticonderoga and has spent many years there running charter boats, leading charters, completing deliveries and extensively cruising on their own boat both on and away from the typical Caribbean cruising routes.
The Caribbean Windward and Leeward Islands
Cruise with Liza down the idyllic sailing chain of the Eastern Caribbean’s Windward and Leeward Islands and learn about its weather, myriad of anchorages, cultures, sights and facilities ashore along with a discussion about leaving the boat during hurricane season. Liza not only met her husband in Antigua and was married aboard the classic yacht Ticonderoga in Martinique she has lived in the islands, run charter boats, organized many charter groups and cruised there extensively in her own boat Bagheera with her family and friends.
Cruising the Pacific Northwest to Alaska
The Pacific Northwest is one of the most stunning cruising destinations in the world with its dramatic scenery, abundant wildlife and thousands of anchorages and islands. It is also Liza’s home. In this seminar she will bring to life cruising the San Juan Islands through Canada (including the west coast of Vancouver Island) to Alaska with spectacular images of the region. The seminar will include an overview of the region - harbors, moorage and anchorages, boating facilities and resources, weather, piloting, facilities ashore, border officialdom, communication resources and chartering.
Mediterranean Magic
Join Liza as she takes you cruising across the magical Mediterranean Sea showing you its many cultures, anchorages and ancient sites along the way. With individual country details Liza will give you many tips on weather dynamics and accessing forecasts, moorage and facilities for boats, officialdom, communications, security and inland travel. The presentation also includes a discussion of the Black Sea and East Mediterranean Yacht Rally.
Off the Beaten Track – The Med to Brazil
This session offers a different and intriguing way of crossing the Atlantic from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean via Morocco, the Canary Islands, Cape Verdes, Senegal, the Gambia (including 150 m. up the River), Guinea Bissau then across the Equator to Brazil and along the north coast of South America, including its rivers, to the Caribbean. Not only covering a fascinating collection of cultures this seminar gives insight into adventure cruising and the self-sufficiency skills required.

February 16-20, 2017  Miami Boat Show - Seminars and book signingFebruary 16-20, 2017 Miami Boat Show - Seminars and book signing
Liza Copeland will be giving daily seminars on coastal and offshore cruising and available to answer questions and sign books at the author's booth.
Liza Copeland at the Toronto Boat Show 2018 January 12-19Liza Copeland at the Toronto Boat Show 2018 January 12-19
Liza Copeland will be at the Toronto Boat Show January 12-19, 2018. She will be giving seminars daily. Come to chat at the authors booth in the sailboat section or at the Nautical Mind Bookstore booth.

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will turn your dream of cruising into a reality
Liza, an educational psychologist, and Andy, an experienced boatyard and chandlery manager, professional captain and long-time yacht broker are both successful racers as well as long-distance cruisers on a wide variety of boats. Of the 180,000 n.miles they have sailed together, their current 38’ Beneteau, Bagheera, has taken their family 124,000nm to 114 countries around the world. She is still enjoyed by all members of the family.
A writer for many yachting magazines and a speaker at the major boat shows in the Canada, the U.S. and U.K., as well as for World Cruising Club, Liza is also an award-winning best-selling author of three narratives on cruising and a ‘how-to’ book co-authored with Andy. When not at boating evemts or giving talks for a variety of other organizations, cruising with family and friends,  or leading rallies worldwide, Liza and Andy enjoy life in Vancouver, BC.